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RedSun Institute (Corporation) is leading innovations of drug discovery, biomedicine, tumor vaccines, and hi-tech-made herbal medicines.

Cancer Preventer-1® (LPY-80) is an herbal product for preventing malignant tumors and cancer conditions. Experimental study in animal tumor models has shown that there was no tumor growth in animals, which were orally administered LPY-80 for a month before the inoculation of mouse MC38 colorectal carcinoma. But there were signs of tumor growth in the control animals. The same result is repeatable in mouse MCA207 sarcoma model in C57BL6 mice.

CA-LZD®is a natural small molecular anticancer drug that is administered through intra-tumor injection. So far, 66 patients with different types of malignant tumor, carcinoma, and benign tumors were treated with this new product. Many of patients were cured just by one single injection. CA-LZD is a pending patent product which is in phase-3 clinical trials.

Hybrid Tumor Vaccine is developed using our special technology. We use activated dendritic cells or macrophages as antigen presenting cells (APCs) to amplify specific tumor antigens from the portion of tumor cells. APCs are labeled green by gene transfection of GFP, and cancer cells are labeled red by gene transfection of DS-Red. Then APCs are fused with mouse MC38 carcinoma cells or MCA207 sarcoma cells to generate hybrids. Hybrids appear both green and red. Double color cell sorting is performed using flow cytometry. The up-regulated specific tumor antigens in hybrids then activate the specific anti-tumor immune cells in tumor-bearing hosts and hybrids are used to immunize tumor-bearing animals subcutaneously. All tumors were radically cured and a 2-year follow-up study showed no tumor recurrence. This type of tumor vaccine is in phase-1 clinical trial.

Tumor-Cell-Membrane Vaccine is to use cytokines or chemical compounds to up-regulate over-expression of specific tumor antigens and HMC-II in the membrane of tumor cells in vitro. Then membranes of tumor cells are fragmented. The tumor cell membrane fragments are then injected to immunize tumor-bearing animals subcutaneously or intraperitoneally. All treated tumors showed 40% regression in average as compared to tumors in the control animals. This type of tumor vaccine is simple to produce, safe, and has no side effects. It can be used as an adjunctive strategy in combination with other cancer treatments to improve treatment effect.

In situ Cancer-Cell Tumor Vaccine is an innovative cancer immunotherapy. It significantly up-regulates HMC-I and HMC-II and specific tumor antigens in tumor cells in situ. This tumor vaccine is used to immunize tumor-bearing animals having solid malignant tumor or cancer. It cured primary cancer and metastatic lesions in mice. In situ cancer-cell tumor vaccine is simple to prepare, inject and immunize tumor subject. It is in the stage of animal experiment.

Recombinant Human Granulocyte-Macrophage Colony-Stimulating Factor (rhGM-CSF) has been successfully cloned at RedSun Institute. We have screened high output cell lines and 1x10(6) gene transfected Cho cells in tissue culture are able to produce 3 microgram/ml rhGM-CSF in 24 hours. This is a long-acting human cytokine and its half-life in vivo is about 1350-fold longer than natural hGM-CSF after a single intraperitoneal injection in nude mice. The activity of rhGM-CSF was examined in human mononuclear phagocytes and macrophages and dendritic cells. We have routinely used this product in development of our dendritic cell projects and hybrid tumor vaccines. 

Recombinant Human Interleukin 4 (rhIL-4) has been cloned and we obtained 3 high output Cho cell lines. In vivo half-life of rhIL-4 is up to 3 weeks that is about 1300-fold longer than natural hIL4 after a single intraperitoneal injection in nude mice. We have successfully used the rhIL-4 and rhGM-CSF in development of our dendritic cell projects and hybrid tumor vaccines. 

Scar Remover is a hi-tech-made herbal cosmetic product for topical use in patients with scar(s) in the face or surface of the body. It has no side effects. Clinical studies have shown that it works for patients who have single scar lesion or massive scar conditions. 

Discoveries and innovations at RedSun Institute are changing therapeutics of malignant tumor, cancer, skin diseases and cosmetic techniques.